Tuesday, December 16, 2014

O Christmas Tree ...

We had visions of heading to a Christmas Tree farm, cutting down our own tree and then celebrating with hot cocoa...buuuuuut that just wasn't in the cards this year. 
So we headed to Home Depot.  Same thing, right? lol.

Since this was our first time we really weren't exactly sure what we wanted...but after running around in circles for about 30 minutes we finally just made a quick decision. I took a picture with this tree but we ended up actually buying another...we were so over it by the time we made the final decision that there was no enthusiasm left for a picture. 

I did, however, still want the 'tree on car roof' shot...so we got it when we got home. Our big ol' car makes the tree look tiny!
While we were all excited to decorate the tree it took a while to prep it...really just stringing those lights is what delayed us. Oh well, the next night we were all refreshed and ready to decorate! The boys were so excited to add their new ornaments - Ryan got an Optimus Prime and Grayson got a Spiderman. We also got Hayden a baby girl on a rocking horse. One of my favorite Christmas memories from when we were growing up was decorating the tree and pulling out all of our own special ornaments. So while I appreciate a fancy tree...ours is filled fun, kid friendly and quirky ornaments.

This was actually the first year that the kids really enjoyed decorating the tree. In years past it didn't hold their attention for long.

So much fun!

This little man LOVES the tree. This was the next morning...he pulled up his chair and just sat and stared. With a big ol' smile. What a cutie!

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