Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Easter!

Easter morning was so much fun! I actually took some video but haven't downloaded it quite yet...I know. Anyhow, Ryan was a tad grumpy when he woke up but as soon as I reminded him that it was Easter he popped up with a big ol' smile and asked "How many carrots did the Easter bunny eat?" He was anxious to see if he ate the carrots and drank the water that we left him....

That silly bunny ate 2.5 carrots! And all of his water? (is water weird? I wasn't quite sure what to leave him to

And of course he left them some goodies!
The Easter bunny gets a little carried away...lots of fun goodies for the boys!

The Easter bunny hid eggs in the courtyard and the backyard. The boys only noticed the eggs in the backyard, which worked out fine because it took them forever to find all of them. When their cousins came over we hunted eggs again and they found the rest of them in the courtyard.

The boys found their baskets filled with goodies - lots of excitement!

Ready to hunt some eggs!

Ooooo....This little guy was excited for each and every egg he picked up. 

Ryan insisted on using his new net to hold his eggs. 

Shaking it to see if there was anything good. 

Took a little break to go down the slide. 

Ah...and his favorite part...eating the candy!

Patiently waiting for Ryan to share some skittles

Quick pic before heading out the door to church...

We headed to the Hales church for the 11am service. Afterwards there was an egg hunt for the kiddos...
Grayson is a picky little egg hunter. He picks them up, opens them and decides if he wants it or not. Good thing speed isn't necessary in this age group...

Sweet cousins! Next year there will be one more girl to even things out!

Best family picture we could get

After church we headed home for naps. We hosted Easter dinner at our house and everyone came over around 4pm. And we kicked off the festivities with yet another egg hunt...but this time cascaronas. 

Kevin was the official egg hunt starter.

So much fun cracking eggs on everyones head!

Grayson was an easy target

A little bit for everyone

Papa was sneaky...

Satisfied little man!

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