Thursday, April 17, 2014

20 Weeks

How far along? 20 weeks and one day

Gender predication: It's a GIRL
Total weight gain? At my dr visit last week I learned that I was only up another 4 lbs, which I was quite happy about. I really thought that I had gained about 10lbs since my 12 week appt!
Maternity clothes? I really didn't want to buy anything new this time since I know this is the LAST time I will need it...but as I passed through the maternity section at the Gap (on my way to the baby GIRL section)I saw they had some cute stuff! I got two baseball t's (one in pic above) and two pairs of jean shorts...which I know I will live in this summer. Ok, so now I'm don't with maternity stuff. Except for maybe one dress I saw at Pea in the Pod...
Exercise: Yeah, not so much. The trainer I had been going to left so I haven't really been back to the gym since. Not really a good excuse since I'm still paying for it. At least my training sessions never expire so I can use that post pregnancy! Kevin and I have gone on a couple of small runs but I notice that it really makes my lower back start hurting. 
Sleep: Same story here. Up a few times...
Best moment this week: Enjoying a fun Spring Saturday night with friends and family dining outside!
Food cravings: Not really anything in particular. Just everything that I see I eat. 
Queasy or Sick: Everyone once in a while I will get a nauseous feeling...but overall I feel great! 
Belly button in or out? Officially out. That was fast!
Looking forward to: Celebrating Easter! Can't wait for Easter egg hunts - Ryan is super excited!

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