Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Festivities

The week leading up to Easter the boys were sick...stomach bug sick. Luckily by Friday everything was back to normal so they boys could enjoy some Easter fun!

Sweet little men ready for the MOPs Easter egg hunt!


Once he figured out that there was candy inside the eggs he stopped to enjoy them. 

Ryan was a little distraught at first. Before the egg hunt started they announced that there was one golden egg...and apparently Ryan wanted to find it. He wouldn't pick up any eggs because he only wanted the golden one. Luckily Kevin was able to convince him otherwise.

There were even a couple confetti eggs!

On Saturday we headed to Lakewood for the annual Easter festivities! It's always chaos...but the kids have a good time and that's all that matters!

Ryan decorated his cupcake...he was quite particular with his selections. I think his cupcake looks pretty darn impressive. 

After brunch, stories with Mother Goose, a picture with the Easter Bunny and decorating cupcakes...we headed outside for the egg hunt!

Ryan killed it. I think Grayson got about two eggs. Like I said...he was more interested in eating what was inside than gathering them. 

Sweet boys :)

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