Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fredericksburg Girls Trip

For Jessyca's 30th birthday we made a little trip down to wine country....Texas Wine Country. I had never been to Fredericksburg but have heard how cute and fun it is, so I was excited!

We headed out bright and early Friday morning. Mrs. Park graciously agreed to drive the five of us down which was so wonderful. Seriously, five hours in the car with no kids...kind of amazing. I quite enjoyed myself. Plus the ladies gave me the front seat since I was preggo. Spoiled.

Anyhow, when we arrived we headed straight to PeachTree Cafe which was adorable! We had a wonderful lunch and then headed to check out the house.

We had tickets for the Texas Wildflower Wine Tour and the kickoff party was from 6-8pm, in Burnett. Oops...didn't realize that was a 50 mile drive but oh well. Once we made it the girls had a fun time tasting the Texas wine. Around 8pm we headed back to Fredericksburg for dinner. We had planned to go to Bejas...but then realized that they closed at 9pm! Who closes at 9pm...on a Friday night?? Goodness. the only place we could find that was still open was Mammasitas. Oye. Never again. After dinner we were all ready for bed. Guess that's what happens when your 30.

Hanging with the birthday girl!

The next morning we popped up early and headed to Enchanted Rock. Although most of us went to UT Austin and this hike is only 45 minutes away, none of us had ever done it. I guess we were too busy studying...or something like that :)

It was a great little hike and we all enjoyed it. And we took lots and lots of pictures.

Celebrate at the top!


And some more pics on the way out...

These girls love to jump. 

Afterwards we headed back to the casita for showers. Since there was only one shower all six of us had to share. Susanne actually ended up using the claw foot bathtub with sprayer and no shower curtain...but the rest of us rotated through the little shower. Surprisingly we were all ready within two hours. That's kind of amazing if you ask me. Now we (they) were ready for some wine!

We started at Inwood Winery and grabbed lunch while we were there. The Wildflower festival tickets that the girls bought actually got them free tastings at all the wineries....which was pretty awesome. Inwood only gave one tasting but all of the rest gave three. Not too shabby.

We hit up a handful of others and I think we all enjoyed 4.0 the best - we had a wonderful wine host man.  Around 6pm we headed back to the house to change into some warmer clothes for dinner. We chitchatted a little bit but didn't want to get too cozy for fear of losing any of the girls. We headed out for dinner at Navajo Grill.

The next morning we had breakfast and then got on the road. The weather was horrible but we still made good time. Such a fun weekend celebrating Jessyca's 30th!

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