Monday, April 7, 2014

Our First Herb Garden

I am so excited that our herb garden is finally complete! My projects tend to drag on for a while and this one was no different. Once we got settled in our new house and made it though the hot hot summer I knew I wanted to get crackin' on an herb garden. The amount of basil, rosemary and other random herbs that I buy is I don't always use all of it within the week and then they just makes sense to have a little garden. It was in fact what I asked for for my birthday (back in August). Kevin laughed a little...because I am horrible at taking care of plants, but like the wonderful husband he is, he went along with it. And that my friends is when we started this ol' project...

First I found a raised herb garden tutorial online (yikes, can't remember where) and then Kevin took off with Ryan to home depot! Bryan even came over to help out with the building. These boys love a man project.
(Nov 3rd)
It was stained sometime in January...and then we waited.
When the weather started warming up we decided to prep our little garden. Kevin and Ryan filled it with soil in early March.

Such a great little helper!

And last week we finally planted our little garden! The boys (and Audrey) were so excited to help!

Digging holes and planting

And of course we had to water them!

I picked up a few more herbs, veggies...and strawberries (impulse buy). And my last little touch was to add the chalkboard signs, which look so cute! I love my little herb garden! 
Thanks Kevin!

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