Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Around the house {Vandy}

I can't believe we have been in our new house for 10 months now! Wowzers! We have done so much...yet there is still so much to do :) Isn't that how it always goes?

When we bought our first house I was in such a rush to get it all furnished and perfect...but I haven't been the same with this one. Probably because building it was slightly exhausting (all those decisions). Oh, and those two kids we have...they kinda take up a lot of time :) I also think that knowing we aren't planning to move again relieves any sense of urgency...and then really, are you ever done? No. The answer is no, you aren't. With that being said, I have recently gotten the urge to get some stuff DONE. My problem is that I feel so ADD about it all. I am horrible about focusing on one area...I tend to skip around and rooms are always halfway done. It's starting to drive me a bit crazy. In addition to the decorating that needs to be done...I am going nuts over organization. I love when things are organized. It makes my heart happy. Seriously. When I organized this cabinet in our kitchen I would just stare at it with a big grin on my face. Kevin thought I was crazy, but I know he loves it. (I can't tell you how many times we have had to search for medicine or batteries...or a darn mini screwdriver!) Ahhhh...makes me feel so peaceful and happy. And the good news is that this has worked great...it's been 8 months since I did this and the cabinet is a functional (and organized) as ever.

Anyhow, perhaps its "nesting" but whatever it is, it's like a fever. All my free time is spent searching furniture, rugs and everything in between. And then there is my weekly trips to the container store...I am hoping to be organized by the time baby #3 gets here...hoping that will help simplify things. ha!

And of course I want to document it all...cause that's what I like to do. To kick off my little new segment I'll show you a sassy little project that Kevin, his dad and my dad completed over the holidays!

When our house was being built we realized the it was almost as if we had planned the view out of our kitchen sink window - I mean, we managed to line it up perfectly with our neighbors AC units. I mean, what a view.
We have talked quite a bit about sprucing this little view up and we finally did!

When my parents came back in town after Christmas Kevin and my dad headed out to Home Depot to get wood for the new screen. 

Next up - staining it! Kevin's dad graciously came over and helped Kevin stain the screen. Ryan even helped a little too!

It can easily be removed if the neighbors need to get back there for any reason. 

And while you can still see the AC units..the view is definitely less aggressive than it was previously! Yay Kevin! 

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  1. oh I totally agree with this!!! I finally feel settled in our new house, but settled only meaning we are never moving AGAIN. but looking at all that is now moved here and no place for any of it or any organization drives me crazy


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