Sunday, July 15, 2012

Project 366 - week 26

Sunday, June 24 - Brunch at Company cafe on the trail. Ryan using his toy truck as a snack cup!
Monday, June 25 - Oops, apparently I forgot to take a pic!
Tuesday, June 26 - I didn't really take a pic this day either...but I did snap a shot of the Reeses Peanut butter banana bread that I yum!
Wednesday, June 27 - At Little Explorers program using stamps....Ryan stamped the side of his face while I wasn't paying attention.
Thursday, June 28 - Quick trip to mall and Ryan was so good so I bought him a little mini cookies - he loved it!
Friday, June 29 - I found Bob laying like this and thought it was quite humorous. He is so silly sometimes.
Saturday, June 30 - Ryan and Ford banging on the pinata at Ford's party

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