Monday, July 16, 2012

Change of Plans

(My dinner visitor & date)

Soooo we were suppose to be leaving for Montana tomorrow but looks like we won't be making it this year. I am really disappointed but know it's for the best. Honestly I was nervous about this trip ever since we booked it but after two perfect doctor visits last week I felt good and was truly excited to make the trip. It's crazy how quickly things can change. 

Yesterday I woke up and noticed that I was feeling a lot of pressure really low. The only other time I had felt pressure like this was the day I went into labor with Ryan so I was definitely on alert. I didn't notice any contractions so I tried to ignore it. I was hoping that it was just growing pains and that after a good nights rest I would wake up and everything would be back to normal.

When I woke up this morning it was better, but after an hour the pressure/pain was back. When I was at Little Gym with Ryan I knew that I really needed to get in to see my doctor again...if anything to ease my mind. I headed over to my sister-in-laws house and she also agreed I should get in to the doctor before our trip. It was 11am and they told me to come in...I had planned to run up and see the doctor and be back to pick Ryan up by his nap time. Well, I ended up waiting for almost two hours to be worked in to the on-call doctor (Dr. Bertrand) who then referred me to Dr. Reinhart for a sonogram to check my cervix. He told me there was probably a 1% chance that my cervix had shortened (especially since it was checked last week) but to ease my mind before my trip I should go ahead and get it checked.

And here we go with that 1% again....if you remember it's 1% of all pregnancies that have a SUA (like baby #2). Apparently I am big on the 1% this go around.

So Dr. Rienhart checked and found that I do in fact have a shortened cervix. Last Tuesday it measured at 3.6 and today it was 2.4cm. At this point there really is no way of knowing if this is something that will continue to progress or if it will stay at this length until full-term but since it is considered in the shortened range it calls for bed rest. He told me that I needed to go check into triage and be monitored for a few hours. Once I was down there and all hooked up to monitors they noticed that I was having uterine irritability and contractions. They gave me a steroid shot to help develop baby's lungs in case he/she does come early (I get another one tomorrow) and then a pill that is suppose to calm contractions. After a little while Dr. Bertrand came in and broke the news: No Montana trip, bed rest for a week, and hospital stay until Wednesday. Goodness. This was not the way I saw my day/week going. He also said...well I guess it looks like you are in that 1% we talked about :)

Baby and I are good so no real concerns at this point. I am glad this happened today and not tomorrow when we would have been traveling or already up in Montana.  I am also so grateful for my sister-in-law who watched Ryan ALL day long...not only does she have three of her own kiddos but she was also trying to get the family ready for their trip to Montana tomorrow. She is amazing! Thanks again Sarah - I owe you! As for baby and me, I just need to stay rested and keep this little sizzler in there for a little while longer. Apparently my children aren't fans of my womb. 

Anyways...tonight I am in the hospital (all alone now....watching the bachelorette and eating a horrible cookie) but hopefully I will get some good rest and they will let me continue my bed rest from home starting tomorrow. I'll keep the updates coming!


  1. I feel your pain mama!! I was on bedrest at 29 weeks with a cervix measuring 1.8. Mine was never much longer than 3 to begin with. Bedrest is SO much better than weeks in the NICU....prayers being sent your way for a full term baby!!!

    1. I had actually already gone back and reread a lot of your posts from when you were pregnant since I knew you had something similar. I am 32 weeks today and can't believe that's when you had your little guy. Great way to put things in perspective about bed rest - you are so right! I am going to have to come meet little William when we are in Houston next time - he is adorable!


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