Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bed Rest - Four Days In!

So four days in and I can tell you it's no fun. We are definitely feeling the love though - lots of emails, texts, and calls from family and friends which we really appreciate. My parents surprised us with some yummy cookies, milk and ice cream and my good friend Nat came by today with a bunch of goodies including fresh veggies and fruit, some cilantro lime marinated shrimp and this amazing pesto with herbed butter salmon to pop in the oven for dinner. So yum! Kevin has been amazing (which I never would have doubted) and has taken on my "mom" duties as well as still getting in some work - he is quite the SUPER dad! He has been to swimming class, arts & crafts, music and tells me about all his new mom friends. He jokes that he might even start a blog - lol! He always manages to keep me laughing which I love.

Salmon and Rice-A-Roni (I love my rice-a-roni!)

So back to the resting - I never imagined it would be much fun - in fact I remember talking with my pregnant friends about how hard it would be to be on bed rest. Somewhat ironic now I suppose but yeah, I was right. I am not made for bed rest. I know it is for the best and that is what I have to keep telling myself but it is so hard to just sit around and not be able to help out. It makes me feel so lazy and I also hate that I am missing out on some of my last few precious weeks with Ryan as an only child.

While I am not enjoying it all that much this little guy sure loves all our extra time together. He sure is the perfect candidate for bed rest!

But enough complaining - I am glad to be at home and not in the hospital. A friend (of a friend) has been in the hospital for over 65 days on bed rest and I honestly don't know how she has done it! (She has a blog here.) She is pregnant with twins and just found out that she will have a c-section on the 27th - very exciting for her! I can't imagine how difficult it has been!

It still seems so odd to me that I have been put on bed rest. My pregnancy with Ryan was so easy and so textbook perfect and this pregnancy has been pretty easy too. It's so weird to just kinda have everything stop. I am trying to be really good and hope that when I go in for a follow up next week they will tell me that nothing has gotten worse and I can get back to my normal activities. Although I am not so sure how normal the next month is going to be....I wonder if I should tell my doctor that we may have just sold our house and if everything goes through we have to move out by August 24th (might I add that we actually have to find a place to move to as well). Oh dear...what have we got ourselves into!

On top of the moving I am still planning on throwing Ryan a birthday party but I will have a lot of help. I know last year I was exhausted afterwards so I really need to make sure that I am not overextending myself. I definitely don't want this little baby to show up at 34 weeks. My goal is for baby to make it to 37 weeks...which puts us right at August 25th - my 30th birthday! It would be a wonderful birthday present...and of course if baby decides to stay in longer I have no issue with that either!

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  1. Thinking of you !!! Enjoy your last few wks as a family of 3 :)


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