Saturday, July 28, 2012

Elmo & Cookie Monster

Friday morning I decided to tackle Ryan's closet. It really needed a good cleaning out plus there were things in there that I knew I needed for the new baby. (I am slowly recovering baby items - they are all scattered thought out our house/garage and in-laws....hopefully we will have everything in order by the time baby arrives!) Anyhow, back to the closet - Ryan had a ball uncovering toys that we hadn't seen in a while - one of which happened to be Elmo. 

Uncle Steve got Elmo for Ryan for his first birthday. He loved it a year ago but I think he might love it even more now. Ryan hugs him, kisses him and does the hokey pokey with him....over and over again. After playing with him solo for a good 30 minutes he decided to let cookie Monster join in the fun. So by 10:30am I have heard the hokey pokey and how much cookie monster loves cookies about 500 times. We were out in the living room and I mentioned to Ryan that I think E & CM were tired and needed to nap. I didn't really think much of my comment because he looked at me and then ran into his room. 

He turned on his sound machine and then he came out and grabbed both E & CM. When I went in there to see what he was doing he was trying to get them in his crib. I helped him out by putting them in there and of course him too - since that's what he wanted. Once they were all in the crib he tucked them in with his blankets. He was so proud of himself and it was so darn cute. He even let me take a picture of him!!! He was saying "cheese" for me!  
I know toddlers can be tough but you really just forget all about it when they do cute little things like this. What a sweetheart!

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