Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Toddler Gift Guide

Ryan's second birthday is still a month away but friends and family have already started asking me what he wants! I realize he is going to be two and doesn't really want anything but he is a kid, and kids love toys...and mommy loves having him entertained...even if it is for only 15 min at a time :)

I can never seem to come up with ideas on the spot so I decided to sit down and compile a list of a bunch of toys that Ryan or any other two year old would probably love. Not only is it going to be Ryan's birthday but most of his friends have summer birthdays too so I have some shopping to do as well!

Obviously there are a ton of toys out there and it is a bit overwhelming (especially if you don't have kids), so maybe this will help you! And if you have any good toy ideas I would love to know about them! Like I say...I am always looking for ideas!

1. Grow-to-Pro super sounds Soccer Goal $29.99 - Little boys love their sports! Cute soccer goal that you could play with outside or even inside (depending on how aggressive your child is).
2. Plasma Car $69.98 - No pedals, gears or batteries! Easy to maneuver and tons of fun for little kids. Ryan played with this at a friends house and I couldn't get him off of it! 
3. Fisher Price Cash Register  $19.99 (Toys R us exclusive)- This play register has colorful, numbered coins to sort and drop, buttons to press, and popping, spinning and rolling action. What toddler wouldn't love this?
4. iPlay Jumbonetics $27.99: Toddlers love building things (and tearing them apart)! These magnetic building tools are specially designed for children 18 months and up. Ryan would have a fun time creating structures with these!
5. Melissa & Doug Construction Wooden Chunky Puzzle $14.99- Chunky puzzles are great for those little fingers! Melissa & Doug is one of our favorite brands and they have so many different themed puzzles including ones to help kids learn shapes, ABCs, numbers, animals, ect... Always a great choice!
6. Flexible Building Blocks $29.99 - Soft and squishy, but still strong enough to fit together and build tall - these blocks are a great sensory AND building toy for the little ones.  

7. PlanToys Road & Rail Transportation Play Set $60- Little boys really do love cars, trucks and trains. Play Toys has a great PlanCity collection where you can add different services, forms of transportation and types of buildings to your city. This collection would be a great start for your toddlers new city!
8. YBIKE Balance Bike ($60-$100)- Balance bikes are the new rage these days (bye bye training wheels!). Apparently they are the new way to train your kids to...well, balance a bike. YBike's version is super kid-tough, lightweight, and a little smaller for the beginner in your life.
9. Melissa & Doug Food Groups $19.99- Two words - "Pretend play". Ryan loves the play kitchen that his Yiayia and Papu got for him and he loves pretending to feed himself and his stuffed animals. It is so much fun to watch him too! I recommend wooden food over the plastic & cardboard stuff they have because it is more durable.
10. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Hide and Seek $16.99 - Another M&D find - an activity board that featured nine hinged doors and when the door is opened, a magnetic piece is revealed. Items like this are very entertaining for a toddler!
11. Elmo Rain jacket/boots ($54/$37)- Buying clothes as a gift can be difficult unless you know mommy and baby pretty well.  A lot of times mommy's prefer to dress their child themselves but I always think accessories are a good gift.  Ryan loves Elmo right now - I saw this cute rain jacket and boots and think he would love it! Ryan loves splashing in puddles!

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