Thursday, June 14, 2012

26 weeks - Sonogram

On Tuesday I had my monthly checkup with Dr. Rinehart. Everything looks great and is progressing as normal. Baby is about 2lbs 2 oz (54%) and has a heart rate of 152. Ryan was always in the 130s 140s I believe, but then again I didn't go to the doctor as much with him so his could have fluctuated higher without my knowledge. I got a lot of pictures and actually kinda think this baby might look a little like me! So weird to actually see that in a sonogram...what do you think???

 This is a face shot - it really changed my thinking on the sex of the baby....maybe it is a girl? 

Profile body shot - hand is up by head (possibly sucking thumb)

Foot with little toes....big toe appears to be shorter than the rest, but perhaps it's bent. 

 Another face shot (more skeleton looking than the first) Hand is up as well. 
 Baby profile shot
 Profile again


  1. SO sweet! I'm glad to hear everyting is going well! I can't wait to have another baby... :)

  2. My ultrasound showed a shorter big toe also... Was it just bent? I was thinking baby curled the toe- easier to kick me with


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