Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Randoms

Cheerios are BACK! Back into my life :) Actually, I don't know that they were ever really a part of my life (only little R's) but they sure are now.  I had seen all the new flavors pop up at the grocery store but I was skeptical of them so I steered clear. That was until a friend of mine gave me the green light on them - she bought them for her toddler and he approved. When Ryan was over for a play date he devoured some Chocolate cheerios so of course I ran out and bought them. Little did I know that I would be the one that fell in love with them....I am obsessed with the peanut butter flavored ones....but then again, I am obsessed with peanut butter flavored anything right now. If you haven't tried these bad boys I definitely recommend them - they still have the Cheerios taste with just a touch of yummy flavor. It's not sugar overload. Do it!

The Barcelona Zipper Pouch from The Container Store was a impulse purchase and a darn good one in my eyes. I was at the Container Store grabbing a few things when I came across this little zipper pouch and I knew immediately that I needed it. My poor purse has become a disaster - which I swore I wouldn't let happen - and I knew this would help whip it back into shape. This zipper pouch now stores all of Ryan's coloring books, crayons and markers that I tote around for him. No more finding loose crayons at the bottom of my bag! Heck I was so excited about it I got a pink one for myself (to throw all my loose papers and pens in) - I swear my purse is thanking me!

I really want to buy a Cotton Candy Machine to use for Ryan's birthday party. I know that sounds ridiculous but after looking into them they really aren't that expensive and who doesn't love cotton candy? Plus, there are plenty of birthday parties, sleepovers and hot summer afternoons in our future where I think a cotton candy machine could come in handy! I found this one at Sur La Table and it gets pretty good reviews...I think it might have a future here with the McDonough family.

Sometimes I just wish I could order off of Pinterest instead of actually having to make the recipe myself. Wouldn't that be great? I see all these yummy deserts and just wish they were sitting in my kitchen - I guess it's a good thing they aren't. Anyhow, this Reese's Peanut butter banana bread is killing me...I think I am going to have to make it. I'll let you know how it goes....

Lastly, I was perusing (creating a wish list for the Anniversary Sale next month) when I came across this little t-shirt for Ryan which I am pretty sure I need to buy. If you have ever seen Ryan eat you know he LOVES his ketchup. I am talking ketchup on everything...his fruit, his ham...or just by the spoonful. It's kinda gross. Oh my sweet little ketchup loving boy - this shirt was made for you!

That's all! Happy Friday!

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