Wednesday, June 20, 2012

this and that

So it has been a while since I have posted an update on what is going on with us. So I will now...

:: Our house is on the market. Yup - it has been since March. We have had a a decent amount of showings and have received one offer but as of now it's still on the market. Anyone? Anyone? It actually (knock on wood) hasn't been too painful - having a toddler and dealing with showings/cleanings, ect... but I would totally be cool if someone decided to buy it :) We are toying with the idea of leasing it but can't decide if that would be too much of a headache. I guess the plan for now is to just keep it on the market and if nothing happens by the time baby #2 gets here we will take it off until January-ish.

:: In more exciting news - We are building a house! Yay, this is what makes everything worthwhile. We closed on the lot at the end of May and now we are officially landlords. (There is a renter in the existing house and he will be out by the end of August, if not sooner.) Once he is gone we will demo the house and start from scratch. Timing actually works out well because it will probably take the month of July to finalize the plans for the house and then once we have those we take them to the bank for approvals and such. So we wouldn't really be able to start until the end of August anyways. At this time we are expecting the house to be done around next March - so hopefully there won't be delays. We are super excited about the new location. Although it isn't far from where we currently live, the new house will be on a more family friendly street, good elementary school and only three blocks down from the Hales!

:: Having a baby - so this one isn't really news. I have been pretty good about documenting the pregnancy but that is about it. I am not sure if it is the fact that I don't know the sex of the baby or the fact that I haven't bought a single thing for this little baby (mainly because we have most everything we need) but as we are creeping up on the due date I am starting to feel extremely unprepared.  I mentioned to Kevin some of the things that we needed to do and he assured me it could all be handled on a single I probably shouldn't worry. I think we will focus more on this come August (just in case someone decides to make an early arrival). 

:: Planning Ryan's birthday. Well for the longest time I didn't even know if I was going to throw a party for him but in the end I decided to. Mainly because I found a place to have it - and then things just kinda fell together. His party isn't until August 4th but of course I am in full planning mode and am super excited for the whole thing. We are having it at the Flight Museum and it obviously will be airplane themed. So many fun ideas floating around on biggest hurdle will be setting up in only 30 min!!! (His party starts at 10am and they said the earliest I could get in was 9:30!) Yikes! I guess they don't deal much with party-crazy moms like me! I will just have to be super organized and have some good help!

Ok, well I am off to take Bob to the vet...I suppose to should do an update on him as well. Will post more later!

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