Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Ryan's favorite this to say right now is "Uh-oh" and boy was he right when I dropped my phone during our walk yesterday.

Goodness, I have had an iphone since 2007 and have NEVER had any issues - never lost it, never broke it, never anything - just one happy iphone user. Until now....I can't seem to be one with my phone anymore. Luckily I have another friend that is willing to give me her old phone (until January 12 - when I am eligible for an upgrade). Hopefully I can take care of this one until then - or else I might just be out of luck. 
On another note...I am contemplating getting an earpiece. Yup, thats right. I might be walking the streets of Dallas with a blue tooth thingy. In fact, if I had an earpiece to begin with I might have never dropped the phone in the first place.  Well, if I am being completely honest I would actually need to attach the phone to my belt loop - I drop it about 5x's a day. Imagine me, bluetooth headset AND a strap to my belt. Oh my. Anyhow, I digress...
Pushing a stroller, walking a dog and trying to chat on the phone all at once is rather difficult.  I figured out that I can attach Macy's leash to my stroller which gives me a free hand, but it's still hard to talk and navigate - thus the need for an earpiece. I don't even know where to find one but I am going to start looking. Don't worry, I will leave it at home if you invite me to come hang out. 

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