Wednesday, November 16, 2011

iphone dump

It's been a while since I posted pictures from my iphone and that's mainly because I rarely use it to take pictures these days. I am still so sad that my iphone 4 was stolen and while I am grateful to have an iphone to use, the 3 just doesn't compare. It's so S L O W....and the camera quality...ugh.

This is a picture of a picture - it was from school. They had a firetruck come and visit and they got to take pictures. 

Just hanging out on the front porch with Thomas the Train.

Another picture of a picture....this was Western Week at school (which I didn't know about because I forgot to pick up a calendar :( ) Anyhow, they had all sorts of super fun games for the kiddos. 

This was actually the day we left for Jamaica - little man looks pretty happy. 

What a sizzler!

Ryan and Ford playing at Tieze park. We have a lot of these days .... the four o'clock text....let's meet at the park :)

So fun!

Playing at Glencoe park with Macy. 

Swinging with dad

Playing with Macy

Lunch at chick-fil-a. Ryan is a huge fan of dipping.

Chick-fil-a twice in one week! Yay!

I just love that Macy likes to lay down and eat. She is so relaxed. 

Ryan and cousin Audrey...tieze park. Huge fan of the little red car. 

This past weekend we took both of the dogs to Glencoe park. Kevin made Bob walk the entire way there (which is a mile). Bob was exhausted, but pleased with himself. 

What a workout.

Ryan LOVES to hold the leash. 

Since Bob couldn't walk back he rode with Ryan. He started out with him but Ryan kept grabbing his mini legs so we had to move him. 

Bob was ok with it. 

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