Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween at Lakewood

Every year Lakewood Country Club throws a Halloween party which is fun for everyone. They have dinner, dancing and costume contests. Ryan and his shark costume didn't win this year - he lost to twins dressed up as golfers. Not sure how we are going to compete against twins every year, but I will come up with something now that I know who the real competition is! lol.

Ryan had a blast - it's a lot of stimulation but he seems to enjoy it. Plus its always super fun when his cousins and grandparents are around as well!

When you walk in they had a spooky little set up and a photographer to take pics. Ryan was not a fan of this whole thing so the picture below was the best I could get. The photographer didn't even get one because my flashed messed hers up - then he started crying. Oops!

Then came dinner. Little man loves his corn dogs. He was happy because grandma was there to play with him and feed him.

 Did I mention he loves ketchup?

Hanging with Uncle Michael

 Ryan was a huge fan of the glow stick....and of course it went in his mouth

 Me and my bug

Cousin Ethan (Zombie) and Audrey (Tinker bell)

And little Miss Lyla was a bride! So cute!

A semi-group shot

And one more picture on the way out...

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