Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

This year we hosted our first pumpkin carving party and had so much fun! Everyone seemed to get in to it (especially Mr. Park) and I am excited to make this an annual event. The one thing I learned is that I need more prizes! Those kiddos take a contest pretty seriously! :) I am posting pictures from the party here and then doing a separate post for all my decorations - I am sure that does not surprise anyone.

Stacey and her little chef, Jack!

Colin & Mr. Ryan

 A little bit of the chaos

Megan and Truman

 Pumpkin carving time

And the little boys playing together!

 Me, Stacey, Terra and Jessica

Lindsey, Me & Nat (Click Here girls...missing Susanne!)

Ryan loves a good shoulder ride! Super fun on Uncle Bryan!

Stacey and her template free pumpkin!

Very serious work here...

Pretty sure they almost broke-up over this pumpkin...just kidding :)

Arts & crafts for the kiddos!

Justin and Marin finally arrived!

Audrey so proud of her cookie monster pumpkin!

Ethan getting some monster munch!

 Terra & Ryan

(almost) all of the pumpkins!

 The party people
 Some pumpkins in the night...

And some adorableness - Ryan and Marin hugging it out. Love them!

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