Monday, November 14, 2011

Meal Plan Monday (November 7)

Once again I am late on last week. I am really trying to get better about that! I typically try and plan our meals during Ryan's nap on Monday (which is right now). I need to know what we are eating because when he wakes up we usually head to the store. I often find myself scrambling to do a lot of things during his Monday nap - well during all of his naps, it's seriously like ADD up in here. I start one thing and then realize that there was something else more important....goodness, it's a wonder I actually do get things finished! I am sure every mom out there knows what I am talking about. Anyhow, enough about that...on to the meals.

November 7 - 11
Monday: Asian Broiled Salmon, Ginger & Lemon Rice, and Roasted Asparagus
The Asian Salmon is a go to item for us. Kevin's parents made the salmon for us one time and we both fell in LOVE. It's delicious and really easy to make. It is a Barefoot Contessa recipe and you can find it here. I have even substitute the salmon for chicken and it still tastes great!
Tuesday: Crispy Tilapia & Spinach fettuccine (Recipe: No More To Go, Weekly menu November 7-11)
This was pretty delicious - the tilapia was actually crispy so I was proud of that.
Wednesday: Cheesy Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole and mixed greens
This was a recipe that I found in a book that my mother-in-law made for me as a gift when we got married. She and her friends compiled their favorite or "Go To" recipes together for me and I love it! I have found lots of yummy things to make including this casserole. Since I am feeling a little lazy and don't want to copy the recipe I googled one that is pretty darn similar and you can find it here. 
Thursday: Playgroup
Friday: Dine out

November 14 - 18
I can't seem to come up with much for this week (didn't love the meal plan for No More To Go, so I am on my own). Luckily we are busy so I only need to cook two nights....
Monday: Beef Stir fry (Recipe: Central Market)
Tuesday: Stella & Dot party
Wednesday: xxx (still thinking...)
Thursday: Dinner with friends
Friday: Leftovers/Order in

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