Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jamaica Mon!

Kevin and I just got back (Sunday evening) from our first trip away from Ryan. Well, I guess MY first trip away from the little guy. I have never been away from him for more than 24hrs, so going away for four days was a BIG deal!

I was nervous leading up to the trip and really sad (especially when I realized our flight out Thursday was at 7am, so I wouldn't get to see R before we left for the airport) but I knew he was in good hands and would have so much fun with grandma, grandpa, Yia Yia and Papu. We are so fortunate to have our parents so close and that they were willing and able to help us out! They tag-teamed the weekend taking turns to watch the little guy.  I know they loved hanging with the little man - who wouldn't?!? I missed him SO much but we had an AMAZING time and am so glad we were able to celebrate Jessica & Johns wedding day with them!

And on to the is Kevin and I before dinner the first night. We pulled the curtains (which  made a pretty cool backdrop) for a few pics.

The next morning we boarded a catamaran for a nice outing. Sounds nice and fancy, huh? Well, it was a really a booze cruise and it was wonderful. Don't let the weather fool you - that was about the most sunshine we received until the morning we left. 

We did a little snorkeling, a little drinking (ok, a lot), some dancing. We also stopped at Margartiaville and played on the 2-story slide and water trampoline - it was amazing. 

This is the slide - there is a pic below of me shooting out of it. Kevin said everyone came out all normal and then when I came out I was just crazy twisted - thats what I felt like too. goodness. 

Moving we are at the rehearsal dinner that night. 

 And here we are before the wedding!

 Love my Mk!

 The boys

The view

 Walking down the aisle with her dad! Jessica looked beautiful!

Fun photo booth at the wedding! So Cute!

Jessica & John! Congrats!

 My J Bird!

All the ladies hanging out on the beach after the wedding!

And the boys! Why are they sitting and we are standing? Goodness!

And here are even more pics ( I have about 200 of them! yikes!) We had so much fun the entire weekend but it's probably a good thing we were only there for a short while - I don't think we could have made it any longer. We acted like we were back in college and boy oh boy is that hard on your body. I am so happy to be back in Dallas with my little man and not drinking. ok, so maybe a glass of wine tonight :)
Congrats again to Jessica & John! 

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