Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shark Attack

I love Halloween! Especially with little kiddos - everyone looks so ridiculously adorable in their little costumes! Last Thursday we got together with our Square One friends. It was so much fun seeing all the kiddos again - everyone is getting so big! It's crazy that we have been friends for over a year now...

Anyhow, back to Halloween, costumes and general cuteness.


My favorite little shark!

 Elle the fish!

 Henry the Giraffe!

 Lily the Poodle girl! (Her mom made her outfit! so cute!)

 And Conner the baseball player!
I thought I got solo pictures of all the kiddos but I didn't get a close-up of Madelyn in her tinker bell costume. 

Here is my little shark playing with Conner

And doing his silly face

The whole gang! I wish I had a picture from last year (but we forgot to take one with their costumes)

 And apparently sharks like acorns....

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