Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear Ryan (15 months)

Little man is 15 months today! (October 24th)

Giddy up cowboy! Biggest news this past month is that you started WALKING! That's right, no hands - full on walking! Yee-haw! With that being said you are still a huge fan of crawling and walking with support...love my little cowboy!

Not much has changed on the routine since last month. You seem to love your routine and so do we. One happy family!

All is well on the eating front as well. One of your new favorite things to eat is the chicken salad from Whole Foods. It's a little random but you just love it. You also are a huge fan of yogurt covered raisins. Another favorite that you just discovered is KETCHUP - yum yum yum! Apparently your dad was also a huge fan of ketchup growing up - thats how Grandma got him to eat his green beans!

You are also working hard on some new teeth and we can't wait for them to get in. Your bottom left one popped though (Mommy first saw it when we got back from Houston) but when we went in for you 15 month appointment it was gone! Dr. Neely said that sometimes happens and it has to recut its way back up - gee wiz. Anyhow, we also can see that your molars are about to come through as well.

You had your first weekend away from us (mommy and daddy). Grandma & Grandpa watched you Thursday and Friday and then Yia Yia and Papu came in town to watch you over the weekend. You did great and had a lot of fun with them. Mommy and daddy were so happy to see you when we got back from our trip.

Weight: 21lbs 3 oz - 8%
Height: 30.5 inches - 30%
Clothes: 12-18months
Shoes: thinking 5!?! He grew out of his 4s so we are headed to the mall tomorrow!
Teeth: Four top front teeth, two on bottom. NEW: bottom left (October 4th)

Da - Dad
Mooooma - Mom
Ba - Bob or Dog, sometimes Ball, Book or Bubbles
Uh oh - uh oh

Love my boys!

Random notes:
You LOVE turning on your noise machine. It entertains you for quite a while. Sometimes you walk over to your machine, turn it on then head over to your crib and grab your sleep sheep to turn on. So silly!

You are a fan of reaching up. You love to reach for door handles and anything else that is out of reach - its really cute to see you try.

Love you bunches! Love, Mommy!

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