Thursday, September 10, 2015

Grayson's 1st Day

 This little pork chop had his first day of Preschool yesterday. What a cutie!

 As you can tell we didn't make it to get back to school haircuts...not did I get their new backpacks and lunchboxes in time to get them monogrammed...but I'm pretty sure they didn't notice.

Before pics - a little rainy. Boys don't care!

Little guy found his cubby in the hallway and was excited to put his stuff in it before heading into his new classroom!

I have heard wonderful things about Ms Laurie and we are so excited to be in her class. It's more like a little fraternity - all boys! The class next door is all girls so they do their specials and play on the playground together as well. Major props to Ms Laurie for the desire to wrangle seven boys all year long! 

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