Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Grayson's first day at MDO

Wednesday, September 4th was the boys first day at Wilshire ECLC. It was Grayson's first day at Mother's Day Out - he seemed so little but Ryan was also around the same age. Grayson is pretty familiar with Wilshire because of MOPs last year and from dropping/picking up Ryan all last year. I think he was pretty excited to go with his big brother!
It was so hard to keep Grayson still....and get them both smiling. They were both in really good moods but can only handle so much of my picture taking!
Silly boys! Grayson is attending MDO and even has one of the same teachers as Ryan did. Ryan is attending prek-3 and their rooms are basically right next to each other, which is great for me :)
So back at Grayson's 9 month appointment I made his one-year appointment...and I made it for September 4th at 9:30 - which is the exact time MDO starts. Since I am no super mom and can't be in the same place at the same time I was grateful to have my mom in town. (I tried to change G's appt but they didn't have anything for like a month, and I like to have my stats! lol) . Oops! Soooo instead of taking them both to school, I took Ryan and my mom headed to the doctor with G. 

Ryan was excited and when we got to his classroom he found his name on an apple and brought it into the classroom. He was basically like c-ya! It's a little bittersweet. 

So then I high-tailed it over to the pediatricians office just in time for the doctor. My mom did a good job answering all the nurses questions!

Grayson was perfect (as expected). And then the poor little man had to get his shots. :( He actually didn't cry when they pricked his toe to get blood, but the four shots didn't go over as well. My sweet little boy was so upset and also very tired. By the time we made it to the car he was ready to sleep!

And so he did. Sooooo I really felt bad bringing him to MDO right after his shots but I had talked to his teachers and they said it was fine. I felt a little guilty but Ryan was so excited that Grayson would also be there, and G is so easy going that I knew he would be ok. #secondchild

When we arrived the class was headed to the multipurpose room to play. Grayson was in a bit of a daze but did not protest at all. The little boy next to him was upset and Grayson just kinda looked at him like, what are you crying about? Did you just get shots too? 

And since I was right there...I peeked into Ryan's classroom. They were out on the playground so I peeked out the window to see him. There he is (in the green) and at that exact moment he was telling his teacher that he needed to go to the potty. yay! 

At 2:30 I headed back to pick up  my boys! I was so excited to hear how little G did. They posted what they did outside the classroom door.
Grayson only took a 30 minute nap...and he looked like this:

So tired, right? I thought this little man would totally fall asleep when he got home. I mean...basically a 10 min nap in the car from pediatrician to MDO, and a 30 min nap at school??? But guess what? He didn't. He actually was in a great mood for the rest of the day. We did head to bed a little early but I think overall it was a successful day. 

And then we went to get Ryan and they were reading a story. He ran to me and gave me a hug! Love that little bug!
Fun first day for my little boys!

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