Monday, August 29, 2016

Pirates & Mermaids Birthday Bash

This year we combined all three kids birthdays into one party - one and done!

Of course, leave it to me to make the idea of a simple party into a not-so-simple celebration.  It's kinda my thing. lol. 
I basically spent the entire week before working on the party. It was a little crazy but I love when everything comes together at the end. And I love how excited the kiddos were for the party! 
The boys were obsessed with Peg Leg (above) & Mr Bones - our new skeletons. They will be back for Halloween. 
I made the signs that we set out front with vinyl cut by my silhouette...and some wood and paint. 

Cake pops, clam cookies, mermaid treats, golden coins & nuggets, cupcakes, cookies and cake - oh my! What a tasty mermaid lagoon...

I love these little rice crispy treats! They were so easy and a perfect addition to the sweets table!

Cookies custom made Jennifer - they were beautiful and delicious! Plus she delivers!

Yummy cake balls made by my mom!

We created more of a Pirate theme in the kitchen. 
For food we served:
-Pirate ship hot dogs
- Golden nuggets
- Pirate Jewels (fruit)

Moving on from food...
Let's be mermaids! I made (no-sew) mermaid tails for all the little girls. They were super easy to make ...but making 25 of them did take me a bit. I plan to post a little DIY on these sometime in the near future.
Along with the mermaid tails there were crowns, necklaces, rings, and wands! All the necessities :)

And of course we can't forget about all the little pirates!
Hats, jewels, telescopes, eye patches and mustaches to complete the perfect pirate outfit. 

I really wish I would have handed this stuff out during the party! I am so bummed that I didn't get any pictures of all the kids dressed up....

The pirate ship water slide was a huge hit and this is where the kids spent most of their time!
(We ordered the ship wreck water slide from 

I made this pirate ship photo booth our of cardboard boxes. It was super cute but once again - I wish I would have gotten more pictures of the kids using it!

My little pirate mermaid!

hiding from the camera...

Singing happy birthday!

We had such a fun night and I am so thankful for all the help from Kevin and my parents. There is no way I would have gotten everything done in time if it wasn't for them :)

Can't believe these three little monkeys are all another year older! 

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  1. Absolutely amazing! You need to make this a business for sure.


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