Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ryan's 1st Day

This cool cat started Pre K this past Wednesday. Both of us were pretty darn excited!
He will go Monday - Friday, with Friday's being half days. Kinda a BIG ol' change and I can already tell he is pretty exhausted.  He slept in until about 8:40 today...then we had to go in and drag him out of bed (a glimpse into our teenage years?) up so we could make it to school by 9!

He practically skipped to his class. So proud of his new backpack and that Iron Man hangy thing. 

His teacher this year is Ms Kim and she is awesome! He actually already knows her because she was the teacher for Astronaut camp and Art camp that he attended this summer. 

When they get to school, a part of their check-in process is selecting their current "emotion". Ryan flipped through all of the different emotions and decided to go with PROUD.  How cute is he? 

I am so excited for this year of preschool. Ms Kim's Varsity program is actually pretty darn cool - Ryan will be learning a lot of new things this year! In addition to the core subjects of language arts, math and science, they will also begin their "WORLD TRAVEL" studies. This includes an in depth geography/social studies curriculum. They will "visit" a different country, city, or significant place of interest for every letter of the alphabet and explore each of the destinations in a fun, creative, and kid-friendly way. Not to mention that each week they will actually cook or prepare something delicious that coincides with their region of focus. (This obviously ties in nicely with math and science as it will entail a great deal of measuring, counting, time investigation, hypothesizing and variables.) They will also discover topics regarding geographical location, art/artists, music, food and other culturally interesting aspects of our featured locations. Can you tell I kinda want to join his class too? Or be in charge of a craft each week? lol

Big things for my big boy!

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