Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summer Fun - At the Zoo

Since Ryan started school a couple of weeks before the littles - we still had some summer fun! We got to the zoo at 9:30am and basically had it to ourselves.  We checked out the monkeys, koalas, and kangaroos while we waited for friends. We also saw the tiger (who is always pacing at the side gate waiting on his food) some bobcats and the tortoises - which was a special request from Grayson. He randomly asked if we could "go see if the turtles were fighting like they were last time." Side note: When my parents and I brought the kids to the zoo earlier this summer we stumbled upon the tortoises during what I can only believe was mating season. They were all paired up and on top of each other. None of the kids said anything but apparently Grayson really did take note. But he just assumed they were fighting. Love little insight in to his mind - so sweet. And no, they weren't 'fighting' this time.

Afterwards we headed over to the Wilds of Africa exhibit. Grayson was so excited to feed the giraffes!

He LOVED it. 
Hayden didn't want anywhere near those long black tongues. 

The monorail was finally open! I swear they have been working on this FOREVER. 

It was hot and sticky but once we started moving it wasn't too bad. They really did a good job with this exhibit - it was fun spotting all the animals that they were talking about as we drove by. We could also see where they are building the new Hippo exhibit! So fun!

Sweet boys!

Grayson and his FAVORITE animal!

Checking out the size of the lions paw...

And here is how Hayden felt about the lion...

But slushies make everyone happy!

Brooks kept trying to put his arm around Hayden. Clearly she wasn't having any of that. 
She probably thought he was trying to take her slushy

There we go! Cuties!

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