Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Goals

Whew - February went fast. We spent a week down in Houston and there was that whole flu thing that I dealt with. So the month really flew by...that and it was only 28 days. I love that about February. We are ready for Spring already!

1. Behavior and chore charts.
So this has been a bit of a learning experience for all of us. I originally created the Star Behavior charts and the boys loved them. Well, Ryan does, but I am pretty sure Grayson doesn't really understand it. We awarded stars at the end of the day (which they got really excited about), but since the stars were for specific tasks/goals it didn't really help me throughout the day to deal with their behavior. I decided not to worry about chores but to focus on behavior...and use something that they would see direct results. So we moved to a sticker chart on the fridge. Basically when they do something good (sharing, playing well together, ect...) they get a sticker...trying to reward positive behavior. They get pretty excited for a sticker so it works pretty well. It also gives me some leniency on what/when to reward them. However, after talking with Grayson's teacher I found another tactic that works even better - a marble jar! And OMG, the boys love the marble jar. They love getting marbles and dropping them in themselves. It works like a charm.  We have been using it for a couple weeks and they both LOVE it. They are really playing so well together, helping out, picking things up, and listening....yeah it's kinda crazy what they will do for a marble. I mean...we still have our moments...seriously, they are only 2 and 4, but it seems to be what works for us.

2. Organize and back up all digital pictures
I have been working hard on clearing off my pictures...goodness gracious there are a lot of them. I spent my entire hair appointment moving pictures as well as a couple of evenings. I made it to 2012 (starting back at 2007) I still have a few years to backup but I am feeling good about my progress. The good news is that my computer is much happier with me.

3. Order (and create) Grayson's Two year Book
And check out what we got in the mail! Grayson was so very excited...thankfully he doesn't comprehend that it was about six months late. Sweet middle child.
Catherine at Everything Design whipped this cover up for me - so darn cute!

He was so excited when he saw it for the first time and now he refers to it as his batman book. We read it nightly. 

4. Master List
Yeah, didn't quite get here....rolling it over to March :)

March Goals
1. Outdoor furniture
We desperately need new outdoor furniture. Not only have we had a bird die on our love seat, but the squirrels have been stealing the stuffing from our cushions. Oye. It's old and gross and embarrassing when friends come over...but for some reason we still haven't bought something new. There are so many options out there so it's a little overwhelming...but as we move into spring I need to get something soon!

2. Wedding Outfits
Steven and Claire's wedding is coming up soon - eek! so excited! I love that my kiddos are going to be IN the wedding - ring bearers and flower girl. The boys are going to pull Hayden in a little red wagon...although it might be Ryan pulling Grayson and Hayden because Grayson LOVES to be pulled. Anyhow, I need to get these kids some wedding duds. I can't wait...they will be ohsocute!

3. Master List (from february)

And that's all for now...let's see if we can get this done :)

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