Sunday, March 8, 2015

7 months - baby Hayden

Sweet little girl is seven months. 
She is our happy, easy going sweet little baby girl and she has all the boys in our family (mama too) wrapped around her little finger. Although, since she has started moving and grabbing things much more we have seen her first instances of messing with what the boys are playing with. They aren't quite sure what to think of that....they have no idea that its about to get so much worse when she really starts moving! lol

She wants to eat everything. homegirl is hungry. And she grabs everything so aggressively you have to be careful what is in her reach. She grabbed a chocolate peanut butter protien bar from Kevin the other day...almost found out if she was allergic to peanuts.  I typically give her a couple of those rice crackers at dinner so that Kevin and I can finish our food before having to feed her. She has been eating the baby food pouches and after some bad diaper rashes I have been a little more strict with which ones. I think she might have minor allergic reactions to some of the foods...not sure which ones though. Anyhow, she loves sweet potato, pumpkin and banana. And while we were on vacation she had some french fries, bits of chicken, and some guacamole (yes, I realize this doesn't sound like me being very 'strict'). Oh well. 

We did a bit of 'cry it out' over the past month and I think we have finally gotten to a good place. However, with our recent vacation and time change we are having a little bit of a working on it a little more. I must admit, she is a persistent little thing. The boys would cry for about 10 minutes (which felt like forever)...but this little lady kept it strong for a good 45 minutes (and that is forever). On a perfect night she goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up at 6am. 

She is sitting up pretty well. Of course you can't really leave her by herself because she eventually will fall. as long as there is something soft she is fine.
Lady is moving. She gets on her belly and will pushes back...and move. and she is so happy with herself. 
She started taking baths with the boys and loves it. So do they.
No teeth. I really thought she was teething (which I guess she could have been) but there are no teeth through yet. 

This past month we have been at the pediatrician a few times. New stuff for this mama. We had our first ear infection, which really threw me for a loop. 
Lots of diaper rashes. I really don't know what to do about this...we have tried everything
We have also had random other rashes and fevers. Apparently nothing to be alarmed by...just viral rashes that will go away (and they did while in Mexico). She has a bit of eczema like her brother Grayson. 
Her hair was like this all day. so silly. 

Chillin' with G-bug at the pediatrician office

crazy rash that lasted about a week...

Love this little lady so much!

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