Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter Days

With the exception of this past week the past two months have been relatively warm...which this mama loves. Just being about to get outside for a little bit is a life saver with three kiddos. Anyhow, over the past two weeks we have had some crazy every once in a while I get my act together and we do something new.

Ryan loves to watch Curious George and then he always wants to do whatever George did in the show. Sometimes its simple...and other times its not so much...

Like making puppets. great idea. lets do it!
Of course Ryan wanted to make Rescue bot puppets. I helped make Blades and Yiayia made an awesome HeaWave. For Grayson...we made a dinosaur...with a top hat.

They were so happy with these puppets and of course we had to do a puppet show. 

I stole this idea from Ryan's school...these kids love candy. I mean, what kid doesn't? Anyways, since it was coming up on Valentine's day we had some conversation hearts around the house. Instead of just giving them to them we made a chart. They sorted the colors and then made a bar graph. It was great because they actually didn't eat the candy until they were done. Well...Ryan didn't. I'd say a good 30 minutes were spent with this! Wohoo!

And Legos might be my favorite thing ever. We play with legos a lot and the boys never get tired of them. Ryan has recently started playing with the big kid legos...which is fun but also incredibly annoying since the pieces are so small and of course everywhere.

So proud of their creations 

Building a dinosaur, pirate ship and rocket!

We even busted out with some science experiments...which were a HUGE hit. Ryan loves science time at school so I knew he'd be excited about doing something at home. Every Friday after school he tells me about their experiment and then asks if we can do it at hasn't happened, until now. 
Baking soda & colored vinegar = lots of fun!

And good ol' Elephant toothpaste. Ours wasn't as thick but it was probably due to the was old. The boys didn't care...they loved it! This one didn't take as much time but they got just as much excitement out of it. 

And the boys love reading baby Hayden's her room.
Lot's of indoor time recently...ready ready for our family trip to Mexico for Spring Break!

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