Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Last week we started out with a wonderfully cold ICE day on Monday. School was cancelled...so turned the fire on and cuddled up inside. Tuesday was more of the same...and on Wednesday it SNOWED. 
but not that much. 
but we were still excited! 
School was not cancelled...so we had some snowman pancakes before heading out. All was back to normal Wednesday afternoon and Thursday...but then we got hit again!

ROUND II: Friday
I was hoping to wake up to a winter wonderland Friday morning but nothing had fallen yet. Yikes - I was a little worried the weatherman got us all worked up for nothing. Luckily it started soon after and kept falling until early afternoon- Yay!
The boys had school from 9 - 12 so we packed up and headed out in the snow. Grayson's teacher texted us this picture - the kids were so excited about the snow!

Kevin came home from work early to take the boys out in the snow. They went down to the Hales house where a lot of the neighborhood kids were all out playing - so much fun!
snowball fight!

happy boys

Trashcan snowman

On Saturday morning we played outside in our backyard and made a snowman. 


Ok. Now I'm ready for the beach!

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