Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break - part 1

Kevin's parents are having a 'milestone' birthday this year and wanted to celebrate it by spending it with the family making wonderful memories - mission accomplished! They took us (and the Hales) down to Playa del Carmen to stay at the Paradisus La Esmeralda. Our trip was truly memorable, from the beautiful hotel, delicious food, exciting activities to the yummy drinks and wonderful company, we all had a blast! 

Ready for take-off!
Ryan sat next to me on the plane and was entertained with a little coloring and Big Hero 6. Gigi sat next to Grayson and I am pretty sure he talked to her the entire flight. Little baby Hayden slept the entire flight in her daddy's arms. What a sweetheart!
After a long day of traveling we made it to the hotel in time to grab some dinner before getting the kiddos down for bed. 

Did I mention Hayden grabs everything now? Yup...she got the butter knife and I don't even think Kevin knew. She's sneaky. 
The boys had some yummy ice cream for dessert!

We had an early wake up call the first morning in order to make the ferry boat to Cozumel.
All aboard!

On the ferry to Cozumel...all happy and ready for the day.  This was probably 10 minutes before we learned that Grayson suffers from motion sickness. Poor little guy :(

Aunt Sarah took the brunt of the sickness...he really soaked her entire lap and the wonderful smell lingered until she was able to get in the water. Of course it didn't bother her one bit - best Aunt ever!

Yay, so happy to be off the ferry. Now to hop in a taxi to bring us to a boat...oye. Wasn't quite sure how the little man was going to do but he ended up being just fine. 

Kevin's parents booked a snorkeling trip with ChiChis Charters. We had our own private boat and an awesome guide JJ. 
Everyone snorkeled with the exception of these two. They just wanted to hang on the boat and watch.

After a little snorkeling it was snack time...fresh-made guacamole, ceviche, and pico. It was amazing. 

The took us to a beautiful cove where the water was shallow and calm. The boys finally agreed to get in the water...although it didn't last for long. One of the guides found a starfish - which the kids thought was pretty cool. 

And since getting sick all morning wasn't eventful enough, this little guy decided to add a little more...pretty sure I know what he is doing here (although I didn't at the time I took this picture). 

While we were enjoying our yummy snacks Aunt Sarah looked down and yelled " OMG, what's that?!?" And yup. it was. A little brown nugget. Right there on the deck. Oh little Grayson. 

Big G don't care. 
Hanging out nude eatin' some pineapple. 

Ryan practicing his snorkeling

Being silly

The kids were pooped on the ride back...

So much fun on our first day in Mexico. 
We all really enjoyed the snorkeling trip. The snorkeling was great - we saw a stingray, turtle, barracuda, and a lot of other reef fish. JJ, our guide, was awesome with the kiddos and really personable. The fresh made snacks and cold beer weren't bad either :)

When we got back to the hotel we checked out the pool before heading back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. 

Fresh and clean. Kevin took the kids down to meet our cousins for an early kids dinner at Mole, which is the mexican contemporary cuisine restaurant.  The consensus was that it was good however for some reason they served guacamole with grasshoppers. And the kids tricked Sarah into eating a grasshopper...they told her it was bacon. And quickly discovered it wasn't. lol. I still haven't quite figured out how grasshoppers mix into the whole mexican contemporary cuisine. 

Anyhow, after dinner the kiddos came back to the room and we had two babysitters come watch the kiddos so that the adults could go to dinner. (The hotel requires you to have two sitters for more than two kids.)  Our sitters, Vania and Louisa arrived a little early and were full of energy. They were so sweet with the boys (Hayden was already asleep) and the boys immediately felt comfortable around them.  It's always a little nerve-racking leaving your young children with someone new but I didn't have any doubts with these two ladies. 

Once we were kid-free we headed over to the adults only hotel (La Perla) to dine at Fuego.  This restaurant is described as a Latin fusion gastro bar. Although Im not entirely sure what that means I can tell you it was amazing. It was all of ours favorite restaurant - so yum! 

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