Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Break - Day 3

Little H and I were up early so we decided to snag a cabana for the family. It's some serious work...you can't just throw your belongings on one and leave...you have to man it! Totally understandable as it is incredibly annoying to go down to the pool and see chairs/cabanas that people have 'claimed' and they aren't even there to use them. Grr! Well, not here! If you leave your cabana unattended for more than 30 minutes, the staff comes around and removes your belongings. Oye! I witnessed two cabanas being reclaimed...however, most people stayed in theirs so there wasn't really any issues. Once the pool opens you don't really have to worry about it any longer...mainly because you are most likely there.

On this morning Sarah and her parents headed over to the workout center to do a little yoga. Kevin & Michael hung out with the kiddos and Hayden and I headed up for a little nap. When she was up we headed down and found the kids participating in the treasure hunt!

At 10:30 the kids club did pirate face painting and sword making (although our kids didn't get there in time for the face painting).

All the kiddos on the treasure hunt though the hotel...

Searching for treasure at one of the restaurants/bars. The last clue brings you to the pirate pool.

Where the good and bad pirates put on a little show for the kids!

Watching the show...pirates fighting...saving the pirate princess.

And afterwards of course there was a treasure chest filled with....candy!

Happy little girl hanging in her cabana

Getting a little tired....

Sweet cousins

Surprise bubble bath (on the patio) with balloons. The hotel put this together for the boys - it is one of the cute little kids things that they do for kiddos. The balloon was a big octopus that was sitting on top of the bubbles! The boys had a blast!

After baths we got dressed and took the boys down to the kids club to hang out for an hour. Kevin and I were kid free! Nope...just kidding. We still have little Hayden :) We walked around and had a nice little happy hour drink.

It was crazy windy

Walking back we came across this crazy looking animal.

We picked the boys up from kids club and headed to an early dinner with them at Bana (the Asian-fusion restaurant).   Grayson was a fan of chop-sticks.

After the kids ate we took them back to the room and left them with babysitters so that the adults could have another dinner sans kids. 

Kid free :)

After dinner we decided to explore a little of the night life... There was a big dance party going on in one of the open lounge areas so we hung around for a little bit...but it ended at 10. We tried another bar but as we got there the live music was wrapping up and the crowd was leaving. It seemed like wherever we showed up the party ended. woomp woomp. So we tried one last club...
apparently the party hadn't quite started

As you can probably tell...there weren't a ton of people there. We weren't sure where everyone was but we didn't last super long. 

We really needed a selfie stick. 

Although we couldn't find 'the party' we still had a fun night out!

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