Monday, March 3, 2014

Austin Fun

This past weekend we packed up the ol' SUV and headed down to Austin to meet up with friends and family!
Seriously...packed this thing up. Cannot wait to get a LARGER car. Much needed. We even brought Bob! He was so happy to be included :) He was kind of a celebrity at the hotel...everyone loved him. 

We got to Austin around 4:30 in the afternoon, checked in out hotel and then took the boys on a little walk downtown (Bob too). We love staying at the DoubleTree on 15th because it's a great location and it's all suites...which is perfect for a family. Anyhow, we walked down by the Capitol and then down Congress and grabbed some jamba juice for a little snack. 

That night my parents watched the boys while Kevin and I met up with Rob, Stacey and Jacob for dinner at Moonshine. Afterwards I headed home for bed...the rest of them went out to Rainey Street (apparently the new place to go)

The next morning, when the boys woke up we had some pop tarts and watched Mickey Mouse in bed. Afterwards we walked down to met up with my parents at Austin Java. 

Around 11am we headed out to Stanley's Farmhouse in Dripping Springs for some crafts beers and pizza!

This place was awesome - a bunch of land for the kids to run around and play on! Lot's of room to burn some of that energy!

Uncle Steve bought Ryan a root beer. 

Hanging with the girls...waiting for the sun to come out! 
After the kids got some energy out and filled their bellies with yummy pizza we headed back to the hotel for nap time. 

That evening we got a sitter to watch the boys so we could go out for a nice dinner at my parents favorite steakhouse. We also were able to celebrate my parents purchase of a new lot! Kevin and I are thrilled - so happy that we will have so many more family visits to Austin in the future :)

Sadly, neither picture turned out but I didn't want to keep bugging the waiter :). Anyhow, we had such a great time. 
After dinner my dad, Kevin and I walked back to the hotel...trying to get my 10k steps... :)
The next morning we had plans to go see my parents new lot and then visit with the Paprocki's before heading out, but when we woke up we saw that the cold front had already hit Dallas and the weather wasn't looking so great. We decided to grab a quick breakfast (again, Austin Java) with the family before hitting the road. 

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