Monday, March 17, 2014

Curious George

Over the past few weeks Ryan's teachers have asked all the parents to come and read to the kids. I was really excited about reading to his class and the best part was - he was excited too! Each week someone's mommy came so he was thrilled when I told him this week was our turn. He knew right away which book he wanted me to read...

He was so excited that I was coming to read to his class

When we arrived at school he was all smiles. In his classroom he kept telling all of his friends that his mommy was going to read - he was so proud and it was so darn cute. While the other kids played and waited for the rest of the children to arrive Ryan sat on the rug with a huge smile on his face. HIs buddy Jack joined him....they were ready for my story!

Then Ryan realized since it was his mommy reading he got to sit up with me! He quickly got himself a chair and carried it to the front of the room. I really wish I had gotten some pics of this - his teacher might have one so I will have to ask. 

Ryan decided that we would read Curious George Goes Camping (slightly obsessed with ol George right now) - so we started with it. He would get so excited about the book and blurt out what was going to happen...especially when George had to take a bath in tomato juice! The kids seemed to love the book so we read another - The Halloween one...another one of Ryan's favorites. 

I had such a wonderful time reading to his class and was on such a high after seeing how proud he was of me - it was the cutest thing ever! I know eventually I will be embarrassing to him, but for now he thinks I'm pretty cool. 

Happy momma :)

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