Thursday, March 20, 2014

16 weeks

How far along? 16 weeks
Gender predication: Oye. I have no idea. April 8th is the BIG day!!!
Total weight gain/loss? Not quite sure...
Maternity clothes? Somedays I do, and some I don't. Just depends...
Exercise: Walking with Yiayia T but other than that not poor fitbit makes me feel ohsolazy....
Sleep: I am really pushing to drop my nap (lol). Honestly...I feel like I am Ryan. Somedays I really need one and some days I don't. 
Best moment this week: Picking Kevin up from the airport in Houston with the boys! Everyone was so excited to see him. 
Food cravings: Craving healthy food after all the junk I ate on "Spring Break"
Queasy or Sick: Yes, yes and yes. But it's getting so much just randomly thoughout the day I will get little bouts of nausea. much more manageable. 
Belly button in or out? In but working on coming out
Looking forward to: Easter pictures with Chelle Cates! I am such a huge fan of her pics and she always gets the best shots of my boys! Can't wait to see what she captures!

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