Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break - Part 1

We decided to head down to Houston for Spring Break. The first part of the week the boys and I hung out in Katy with Yiayia and then on Friday Kevin joined us and we spent the weekend in Galveston.
I was pretty darn nervous about the ride down but the boys actually did really well. They were both up for the first two hours and then we stopped at Buc'ees to stretch out legs and grab a snack. Once we got back on the road little G fell asleep and about an hour later Ryan took a little snooze. We got in about 4pm and stopped at Lupe's to let the boys run wild and have an early dinner! 

On Tuesday we had plans to visit Jennifer and meet little Kate! Since I didn't want to bring my germy little boys around her three week old we got a sitter for them. And since we had a sitter...we decided to take advantage of some free time by doing a little shopping. I really wanted to make a visit to High Fashion Home since we don't have one in Dallas. I came across this buffet and fell in love! It's being delivered tomorrow...yay!
When we got back to Katy I took the boys over to my friend Melissa's house to play and then we all headed to the park and met some more friends. The weather was beautiful so we decided to continue the outdoor adventure and dine outside at Grimaldi's. There is a lake and you can feed the ducks...which sounded great in theory BUT since Grayson wanted to be in the lake it made the dinner a bit difficult. After a quick dinner we walked across the street to a big open green where the kids could run around...and of course we got some ice cream. Perfect day!

Wednesday morning woke up and headed to Shipley Do-nuts!! YUM!
Ryan ordered a chocolate donut with sprinkles for himself...and a vanilla for Grayson. The boys sat in the shop and enjoyed their treats! After round one Ryan decided he wanted another...and since we were on 'vacation'...why not. He decided on a strawberry iced one with sprinkles for round 2 - and I broke down and had a glazed, the rest of Grayson's (which was basically all of it) and half a kolache. Oye. My pregnant self has no will power whatsoever....

The wind was CRAZY all day. We actually headed up to the outlet mall in Cypress...not the best day for outlet mall shopping BUT we did have fun and the boys enjoyed it as well. There were a lot of mechanical rides and Ryan was a big fan. 

After naps we took the boys to fly kites...which was incredibly quick. Ryan loved it but Grayson cried the whole time...he just wanted to hold his kite. Not a huge fan of flying it...oh well. We had to wrap it up pretty quickly because it was quite cold and Grayson was not happy. 

Thursday morning we hung out in a jammies and lounged around a bit before taking the boys on a walk to the park. 
When we got home we did a little finger painting

And then decided to head to Lupe's for lunch...
They loved this horse! 
We had so much fun with Yiayia and can't wait to visit again!

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