Monday, February 24, 2014

Las Vegas Girls Weekend

This past weekend was my much anticipated Vegas/Britney/girls getaway weekend! Wohoo!

Terra and I left Dallas at 2:15 on Friday and made it to our hotel in Vegas around 4pm. I haven't been to Vegas in about five years and in general I can take it or leave it, but I was pretty excited for a weekend away and of course to see Britney! We stayed at The Cosmopolitan hotel - which is dubbed the sorority/fraternity hotel of Vegas. You know, it's also the one with all those crazy commercials. Anyhow, it's a pretty cool place and the rooms were nice and spacious - plus we had an awesome view of the strip and the Bellagio water fountains! After checking out our room and settling in a bit we headed to The Chandelier to meet up with the rest of the girls.

That night we got all dolled up and walked over to STK, which is conveniently in The Cosmopolitan. Although we had reservations we still ended up waiting about 30 minutes to get seated. Once seated the girls were in a bit of a rush - we had one hour before their reservations at Hyde. We basically sat down and ordered everything...we were quite efficient. We all really loved the atmosphere and the music - best mix ever! We were basically dancing throughout the entire dinner. It is you can't really talk unless it's the person right next to you...but it's fun. Terra and I shared a steak and it was BURNT. yuck...since we were in a bit of a time crunch and our waiter would disappear every so often we just ate what we could. Oh well.  By the time dinner ended it was 10pm (12am Dallas time), so I was ready for bed. 

The girls had bottle service reservations at Hyde in the Bellagio so they headed over there while I high-tailed it back to my room for some much needed rest! As far as night clubs go in Vegas the girls loved this one. It's one of the few nightclubs that don't play EDM (electronic dance music).Anyhow, they had a table that overlooked the dance floor and also security that walked them to private restrooms...not too shabby!

The next day we did a little walking around but a lot more of our room and in the Sahra Spa & Hammam. It was kinda perfect...since we are almost all mommies (expect one) we all totally enjoyed the downtime! After my massage I attempted to go to the pool and was planning to read but it was way to bumpin' out there...soooo I just headed back to the room. 

That night we got ready and met up for dinner at Koi in Planet Hollywood. It was delicious! Afterwards it was time for BRITNEY! 
Oh man...and the people watching. So much greatness. 
Anyhow, out seats were pretty fab, so we were pumped when we got there. 
As far as the concert goes...she just isn't the same Britney from 10 years ago...but hey, all of us age I suppose. (However, if I was being paid the big bucks I might step it up a little more...or not. Who knows.)  She just doesn't hit her moves like she use to. There is a lot of skipping around on stage, slow walking (seductively?) and even some just plain sitting. Oye. 
She is still a great entertainer and I would no doubt go back in a heart beat - I just love me some Britney. 

Britney seemed to get more into it and more lively as the concert went on. On another note her outfits also got better...she really needs to retire that nude sparkly bodysuite. Just saying. THe picture above was from my favorite set/song that she did - Toxic. Loved it. 
So all in all it was a great time. No she isn't the same as she was when she was on top of the world but that's ok. I forgive her. 

After the concert the girls gambled for a little bit and big surprise - I went to bed. lol. The next morning we basically just got up and got ready to leave. We all met downstairs and grabbed some breakfast before heading to the airport. The flight home was uneventful and it was so great to see my boys! Missed those little boogers!

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