Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break - Part 2

On the Friday of Spring Break we picked Kevin up from Hobby airport and made our way to Jamaica Beach for a fun little weekend with the Aston's! The weather was amazing on Friday...when we arrived Grayson went down for a nap and the rest of us hung outside on the back patio soaking up the sun.

Brian arrived with the kiddos around 5:30 and the playing commenced. 

Night #1 slumber party attempt = fail. 
Eventually we had to separate the kiddos - they were too darn excited to see each other to sleep. 

Good morning Grayson! He is now obsessed with these drinkable yogurts - "smoothies"!

Hanging with his buddy Brooks. Grayson somehow decided that this red chair was his - if anyone else sat on it...he just wiggled himself right in it with them...and he may have possibly yanked them out as well. A little bit of a bully...

The daddy's took the big kids to get fishing necessities...and kites! They came home with spiderman and princess fishing poles...which were a huge hit!

Early afternoon the kiddos begged to go to the beach. Mind you it is only 60 degrees, windy and threatening rain at any moment. So the dad's piled them in the golf cart and headed down to the water.

These crazy kiddos!

Ryan LOVED it!

Sweet little boys!

The little guys played it safe in the sand. So happy Pierson joined us!

While the kiddos were playing in the water we were crouched down hiding from the wind!

Getting ready for bed night #2. It was slightly more successful....Ryan and Caroline successfully fell asleep.

Sunday morning there was...gasp...SUNSHINE! Hot dog!

We went for a little boat ride and enjoyed the weather

These boys had so much fun together! We had such a wonderful time and love spending time with the Aston's! Can't wait to see them again soon!

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