Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sleeping Update

So I have huge news - we officially moved Ryan out of our bed! Yay! He slept in his crib last night and I am so proud. Kevin and I talked about it and we decided that after we returned from Houston it would be the perfect opportunity to get Ryan in a new nightly routine.

While I was in Houston Ryan really changed a lot - he has really started to focus on things which is nice because he can now sit longer and entertain himself. It's great because he is a lot more calm when he is awake where as before he seemed to be fussy if he was awake and wasn't eating. This was another reason why I knew he would be ok to move in to a crib. That and he was really started to grunt and groan so much more - I don't sleep well at all with him!!

Last night we put him down about 10pm and he wiggled and grunted for probably 20 minutes before he finally wore himself out and fell asleep. He slept from about 10:30 until 2am and then I went to feed him. We were up together from 2am - 4:30am and then I put him back down in his crib and tried to go back to sleep but he just wasn't tired or just didn't want to sleep so about 5:30 I got him again and fed him again. So although neither of us got much sleep I am just so happy I didn't give in and drag him back to our room.

Here he is in his crib:

My new rule is no more sleeping in our bed - so I know I am in for a lot less sleep in the next few days/weeks I hope/think it will pay off in the end. Here we go with night #2!

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  1. As always, SO impressed by you and your mad skillz as Ryan's Mommy!


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