Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun weekend at home

I love weekends because it means daddy is home to hang out with us! We had such a fun little family weekend - nice and relaxing.  We stayed home most of the weekend except I got a chance to run to the mall to buy a dress for a wedding next weekend and then we also went over to the Hales house (Ryan's cousins) for the UT game on Saturday night.

On Friday night we made pizza and hung out at home with little R. Here are some pics from Friday!

I love it when daddy gets home!

It's game day - Hook'em Horns!

Daddy fed me a bottle before the game came on. 
I had a fun time watching the game with the boys but I was pretty tired around 8pm and was ready to rest so mommy took me upstairs to lay down. 

On Sunday we hung out all day long. Eat, Sleep and Play!!

Tummy time - daddy put his hand there because although I can hold my head up, I get tired and it comes crashing down so daddy's hand prevents me from banging my head on the floor.

And I love to sleep on daddy's chest. Bob joined us too...he is sleeping upside-down. Silly dog!

Such a fun weekend!!!

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