Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear Ryan (2 months)

Dear Little R -

Your two month birthday was this past Friday but we had such a busy day and weekend (it was your Aunt Terra & Uncle Bryan's wedding weekend!)  that I wasn't able to get this post up until now. These part two months have been so amazing! I love being a mommy so much and LOVE that you are my little son.

Two-month stats:
Height: 22 inches (25%)
Weight: 9 lbs 8 oz (!0%)
Head: 37 cm (5%)

You are packing on the pounds and should be a chunky baby (like mom and dad both were) in no time!

Two-month milestones:
- At 6 weeks you started wearing 0-3 month clothing
- At 6 weeks you started wearing size one diapers
- At 7 weeks you started sleeping in your crib
- At 8 weeks you moved up to Level 1 nipples (Dr. Brown bottles)
- At 8 weeks you started sleeping 5/6 hours a night - yay!

Our current daily routine is as follows:

Morning: You have decided that you want your first feeding at 5 or 6am. That is your choice - it's a little early for mommy but thats ok. You typically won't go back down in your crib after this feeding so we hang out on the couch and watch TV. Eventually you fall asleep for a little longer.

Daytime: You eat every three hours and after each feeding we play for a little while. Your FAVORITE toy is your sock monkey. When we put him in front of you, you give him the biggest grin! It's so cute! You also love your mobile in your crib - that also makes you smile a lot. Over the past month you have become so much more alert and can entertain yourself for small periods of time - which is super helpful for mommy!

Evening: You usually hang out on your blue bear mat while mommy makes dinner. Dad comes home around 6pm and after Bob gives him his greeting you guys play together. Can't wait for you to give him a big greeting. Once dinner is ready we eat - sometimes you let us eat together and sometimes one of us has to hold you.

Nighttime - Around 8:30 or 9pm daddy gives you a bath to start your bedtime routine. Since you love baths its a great way to calm you down before bedtime. After your bath you usually hang out with daddy either in your room on the glider or in the living room sleeping on his chest. Mom usually goes to bed around 9:30 so dad gives you your last feeding with a bottle - 5 ounces of breast milk - yum! Once you have downed that he swaddles you up and lays you down in your crib. You are usually awake when he lays you down but daddy helps you fall asleep sometimes by holding in your pacifier. Sometimes you fall asleep right away and sometimes it takes a couple of tries, but thats ok because we are so happy you are in your crib!

So let's review what you are loving and hating these days:

Thumbs up
- Sock monkey
- Laying on blue bear rug
- Mobile in crib
- Napping in your swing
- Changing your diaper - this is an odd one but you really love laying on the changing mat. You must love a clean diaper. You also don't mind changing your clothes - which is good because sometimes mommy does it a couple times a day!
 - Bath time - you still love it. We now give your bath at nice which helps relax you for bedtime!
- Leaning your head to the right side. You have done this since birth and we are really trying to break it
- Kicking your left foot. When you lay on your back your left foot kicks out over and over again - you show major preference for it. There isn't anything wrong with that right one but you just don't like to use it as much!
- Baby bjorn - You love your baby bjorn. Mommy can take you anywhere in it and you are nice and calm and usually fall asleep.

Thumbs down:
- Naps in your crib - you just won't do it
- shots - we both hated your two-month shots!
- Gas - ohhhh you hate this. You little arms and legs flail all over and you grunt up a storm. I wish I could help you with this but as soon as it passes you are back to being the sweet little man you always are!
- Shopping - not sure if you really hate it but every time mommy tries to shop with you, you are not a happy camper. I am sure daddy is ok with this since it prevents mommy from spending money! haha

I can't think of much that make you upset, which is good.  So lots of feeding, playing and napping. we have so much fun together every day and I wouldn't want it any other way! I love you!

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  1. Aww, happy 2 months, Ryan! I can't wait to meet you. I feel like I know you. :)


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