Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Houston fun!

Today Ryan and I went to visit the Aston's. Ryan had been fussy all day yesterday and we didn't have a very good night either so I was a little worried about trying to get out with him. It seems like it was just what he needed - he fell asleep on the way out to Mk's and ended up sleeping for 3 hours! So amazing! (I wish he would do that at night between each feeding!)

We had a great time hanging out at their house - as I mentioned before Ryan slept the majority of the time, Caroline played and MK and I just talked. It was nice to get out but also stay in, we love Yai Yai T's but a change of scenery is always nice.

Here are some pics from our play date:

Caroline is always very concerned about Ryan's pacifier - she wants to make sure he always has it. It's  soooo cute!!

Ryan loves hanging out with Caroline - he had such a great time with her when she came to visit us in Dallas too. I can't wait until Ryan is big enough to actually play with Caroline AND I can't wait for Thompson! Ryan and Thompson will be best buddies! 

MK and Caroline also made a trip to Dallas a couple weeks ago. While they were here we did some shopping for the boys and also made it to buy buy baby to buy some more baby things. Mk was quite the helper assembling his new pack n' play and a cradle thing. Caroline loved playing with Ryan's stuff too! Here they are hanging out:

And here is Caroline helping me put Ryan in his car seat:

I love this picture of Caroline and Ryan - so cute!

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  1. So cute! He's so alert. Also, love your shoes in that one pic. I'm amazed that you're so fit, tan AND your hair looks good. Very impressive :) Sounds like you're having fun in Houston. Keep the blogs a'comin - I love reading them!


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