Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Update: So my husband is amazing and so sweet. Yesterday we planned to celebrate our 2-year anniversary by having a nice dinner at Ocean Prime. I didn't really plan on anything else so I was really surprised when he had these beautiful flowers delivered! And then to top things off he had done his research and found out that the 2-year gift is cotton - so he went and bought Ryan and mommy some cute little cotton outfits - so sweet! I love his little outfit for Ryan! Kevin is also pretty darn good at picking out cards - they are usually pretty humorous but lately they have been really sincere. Plus I really love chihuahua so I thought the card he picked out was really great! What a great two years we have had! It really has gone by so fast but I have loved every minute of it!


Today is our two year anniversary! The past two years have gone by so fast and have been so amazing. So excited for our future together and to add little Ryan in August!

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