Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dr. Appointment

So we went back to Dr. Richards today for our monthly check-up and everything is still going great! I am up another 5lbs - I really thought I had gained more so I was pleasantly surprised! Our next appointment is in three weeks and we get to do another sonogram too. He said I really didn't need a 28-week sonogram since I am measuring normally and haven't had any issues, but that if I wanted one I could do it. I also asked about the 3-D sonogram and he said he would sign the release so that we could do it, but that he doesn't think its necessary. Soooo I think we probably won't do's not like we won't get to see little Ryan soon enough! Who knows, maybe I will change my mind. I am excited we get to go back in three weeks! Oh and I also have to do my glucose screening test then too! Oh yay!

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