Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1st Day @ Home

So today was the day - the day where Kevin woke up and got ready for work and I stayed behind....and it was so wonderful! I actually woke up 6:30 this morning because Bob needed to go out and then we couldn't fall back asleep. We chatted with Kevin while he got ready for work, then I headed to the gym for a nice little morning workout. The first item on my list as a domestic engineer was the termite inspection - Terminix has been trying to schedule this for a while but it was too hard for one of us to be here during the day - so today was perfect. Anyhoo, good thing we finally got it done because surprise surprise - we have/had termites!!! What a fun little unexpected expense - haha! We got it all taken car of today so it was nice to check that off the list. After the termites were taken care of I was able to get out and run some errands before happy hour with friends! No worries - I didn't forget about Kevin. I picked him up some yummy food from Central Market that he was able to just heat up. When I got home we had some chocolate ice cream together and now its time to call it a night! 

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