Sunday, May 9, 2010

Babymoon in Scottsdale, AZ

Kevin and I made it to Arizona yesterday afternoon and arrived at the Sanctuary on Camelback mountain around 2:30.  We are really loving this resort - it's the perfect little last getaway before little Ryan arrives. The weather here is amazing - super hot during the day but cool in the mornings and evenings. Our rooms are really cool - a chic modern style and super spacious - they are all basically little mini suites. I will post pics at some point, but I am still having that connection issue. It's also very peaceful - we are sitting on our little porch/balcony right now (kevin is enjoying his coffee while reading the NYT and I have water and my computer) and all you can hear all the birds chirping around us. 

Yesterday we ventured out to the pool for a little while and then had dinner at the restaurant here called Elements. We had a little time before dinner and went to the hotel bar Jade - which is just as swanky as it sounds. The drinks really looked amazing! Kind of wish I could have had one! Anyhoo, it's Sunday morning and Kevin and I just got back from the Sunrise Stretch class that they offer to guests. Evidently no one else was interested this morning so Kevin and I basically had a private session which was nice since the instructor altered the class to do only the things that I felt comfortable doing. There are a ton of other classes to participate in including all different types of yoga, pilates, water fitness, cycling, tennis and you can even do outdoor bike and climbing tours as well. Some are additional fees, but there is a lot that is free - so its pretty cool. Today we are going to venture out into Scottsdale and try a place called La Grande Orange Grocery that one of Kevin's friends recommended for lunch.  I think we will plan on hitting up the spa at some point (the mommy-to-be-massage has my name all over it!) and of course just continue to relax!

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  1. La Grande Orange - Top Hormel account! ;) Sorry I work a lot w/ them & had to throw out some excitement to that. Your trip sounds wonderful. Enjoy!! :)


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