Monday, May 31, 2010

Dr. Appointment

On Friday I had a doctor appointment as well as my 28-week sonogram (my weeks vary from where the dr. has me...but only a couple days). Anyhoo, I invited my mom to come with me because I knew she would be super excited to meet my doctor and to also see a sonogram first hand! My appointment with Dr. Hampton Richards went really well - no major news. My homework now is to start finding a pediatrician - so any recommendations are welcome! The sonogram went well - Ryan has everything is suppose to and is tracking along as scheduled. The tech that did the sonogram went really fast and my mom and I couldn't see everything that well - we have some pics but there is one we can't really tell what it is. Little Ryan did have his hands up by his face so that could be one of the reasons it was difficult to get a good look.

This is a shot of Ryan's profile - you can see his nose and lips. His hand is also up there by his face so it looks a little funky. 

Here is a nice shot of his little leg

And his foot

Here we have a body shot with his arm in front of his face

And this is the last one that says it's his face but I don't really see it - so let me know if you do!

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