Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Fun

On Good Friday we started our day out with an Easter Egg hunt.

We headed over to Lakewood park for the MOPs egg hunt. So many cute kiddos decked out in sweet spring colors. 

I love this picture because 

And then she swooped in and stole the little pink egg before this little boy even knew what happened. 

Very pleased with what was inside

Happy with his hunting skills

Crazy kids and happy mamas. Yes, I realize the Uggs were a little overkill. In my defense, it was 40 degrees at 6am...

 Saturday morning we headed to Lakewood Country Club for the Easter festivities. 
The balloon artist was a hit as usual. They boys asked for laser guns. 

no comment on Grayson's ballon. 

And the monkey was back with all of his tricks. 

She was very enthusiastic. 

Cupcake decorating. 
So proud!

Finally the egg hunt
We ran from the club to the soccer fields ...then home for Hayden's nap. 

The weather was amazing so we had some friends over to play!
Hayden stole Ford's hat! So cute!

Egg hunt & piƱata fun for the kids!

Sweet boys have been friends since they were six months old!

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